O’really blue Slippers

  • Shoes length 27cm
    Foot back height 6 cm
    Foot ball length 12 cm
    heel height 2 cm
  •  Cotton 73%, Poly23%, Spandex 4%
  • In case of contamination, wipe the area lightly with a neutral detergent.
  • If wet, dry in the shade.
  • Don't use the iron.
  • If soaked in water, the floor material may become soggy, so please wash it immediately.
  • Please refrain from using bleach as it may fade when using it.
  • Customs tax may be imposed when shipping to China and overseas.
  • The buyer is burdened with overseas shipping duties.
  • It is difficult to return it when shipping overseas. Please be careful when purchasing.
  • You can only use DHL or Fedex if you purchase more than 2kg from China.
  • Please contact us for overseas bulk purchases. (10+) osechill@osechill.com

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